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<br>The Society of St. Anna the Prophet 

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SSAP____(founded 2005)

Who are we?

We are a dispersed community of Episcopal women over 50 years old who are living the Christian life within vows of simplicity, creativity, and balance.  We are lay and ordained. We are single, married, partnered, divorced, and widowed.  Some of us are retired, some work part-time, and some  are working actively in full-time positions.

What is our mission?

The mission of the Society is prophetic.  We are called to be like blessed Anna in the temple, prophets of Christ, perceiving and proclaiming to the church and to the world God’s transforming presence and power in old and young.

What are our ministries?

While the ministries of individual members take many forms, the Society as a group has a focus on ministry with elders and with the very young.  Currently, we serve six congregations of elders living in care with whom we celebrate the Holy Eucharist each week and for whom we provide pastoral care.  We are a part of the Diocesan Elder Network.

Annual Convocation 2014

First Row:  Lily Anne Rein, Marjorie Chandley, Ruth Healy, Nan Baxter, Katherine Roberts (AnnaBrokenwing), Eloise Hally

Second Row:  Pat Merchant, Elizabeth Allan, Cynthia Hizer, Eleanor Pritchett, Barbara Ryder, Ann Ottesen, Kat Hilliard-Yntema, Katherine Mitchell, Adair Maller
Third Row: 
Gwen Bottoms, Jane Moser(AnnaJane), Joyce Hunn, Lynn Tesh, Lori Lowe, Peggy Courtright, Alice Davidson
Back Row: 
Mary Moore, Maggi Ewing, Karen Swenson, Marilyn Hughes, Sally Addis, Julia Bottin, Linda Claire Snyder

Missing:  Mary Ann Neale, Laura Pittard, Carolynne Williams, Joan Pritcher

What is our relationship with the Episcopal Church?

The Society came into being in the Diocese of Atlanta in 2005, and The Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander, former Bishop of Atlanta and current Dean of St. Luke's Seminary at Sewanee, served as our Bishop Visitor.  We were officially recognized in 2009 as a Christian Community in the Episcopal Church by the Standing Commission on Religious Communites of the House of Bishops.

What is our vision?

We are developing creative ministries with elders living in care.  The Society focuses on ministry to and with them, providing sacramental and pastoral ministries and forming them into communities of faith.  We are shifting the locus of “being church” from the parish left behind to the places where elders now live.   We also hope to develop ministries of care, support and advocacy with young children living in poverty.

What is our membership now?

We have 10 sisters vowed for life, 22 in regular annual vows, and 1 novice.
Our ages range from 55 to 87.

What is the process for becoming a member?

The process includes an application, discernment for a minimum of one year as a provisional, a minimum of one year as a novice, and participation in the life of the Society.  Vows are taken annually, at the Feast of the Presentation.  After five years, life vows may be taken.

For more information, contact:

Mary Moore, Director of Novices and Provisionals,

What if someone lives outside the Diocese of Atlanta and Provincial IV?

Our constitution provides for the inclusion of extra-provincial members and also for the development of new provincial groups.


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